MAX sustainability includes MAX FIRO leadership program, having the initiative concerning health issues and being a caring employer with a strong environmental profile.

FIRO takes our managers to the top

MAX offers a broad leadership program that is based on the well renowned FIRO theory created by Will Schutz.
We have a range of programs for different purposes. Through openness and sincerity the goal is to create an environment which enables people to grow and take responsibility. The bottom line is the foundation of the MAX Leadership Program. Without results we can not continue to grow as a company. The results come in form of low sickness rates, low staff turnover and finding managers with the right attitude.

MTC – from basic to advanced

All training at MAX starts with MAX Training Center (MTC). MTC is an e-learning education platform, where our beginners can start their basic employee training. In MTC you will find basics programs to more advanced, in MTC your employees can keep track of what their next step should be.

Max Academy

At our MAX Academy in Stockholm we are educating our current and future managers in various programs such as food safety, health and work environment, neighbourhood marketing and much more.