We want to engage

Engagement is about inspiring our guests, employees, suppliers, authorities, opinion builders, and other stakeholders to be part of our sustainability journey. Health, justice, and the environment will continue to be the focus as we move forward. Active engagement is essential to ensure that our efforts bear fruit.

Conscious choices

Our guests are crucial to our ability to drive change. Guests must make conscious choices, and it is our job to make this possible. We have several healthy options and many low-carbon meals on the menu. Since 2008, the entire menu is climate-labeled, and in 2016 many green meals were launched under the Green Family concept. Since 2020, we have a color code in the menu that makes it easier for the guest to make a sustainable choice.

Many conscious choices have shaped our menu. We select, evaluate, adjust and select again. The development of our menu is an ongoing process

Committed employees

For us, our employees are important. Engaged employees require an engaged employer. Everyone should feel good when they are with us

We encourage personal leadership and help our people identify their strengths and weaknesses. They get the tools they need to develop as leaders and to provide good service to our guests. This holistic approach contributes to a better workplace and more satisfied employees.

High transparency

We believe that to achieve our goals it is important to let others know about the work we do and how we do it. Transparency is essential if you want to be credible. It is also essential if you are serious about sharing your success factors. We work on a wide range of environmental issues, but we see climate change as one of the greatest concerns of our time. And that’s why we strive to be a global role model in addressing the climate crisis.

Even though we are a small player internationally, we want to be as successful as we can, and it’s very important for us to inspire other larger companies to follow in our footsteps. We carry out the most comprehensive climate analysis in the entire restaurant industry, and we are fully transparent with our results and our calculations.

NGOs as well as competitors and guests should be able to see exactly what we have done. That’s the whole idea of a comprehensive and transparent analysis. The advantage of being 100% transparent is that we are extra careful, and we can get quick and competent feedback when something can be done better. So at the same time that we share, we also learn a lot. It’s an educational journey – in several directions.