This is sustainability for us

We want to become the world's best burger chain by making the world a little nicer. And that means both flavor and society.

MAX is not only the oldest still existing burger chain in Sweden, but maybe even in Europe – and we’re also the favorite choice for Swedes, with the most satisfied guests. We have been family-owned since the start, and plan to remain so for at least four more generations. So our approach to cooking and serving food has to be very long-term.

In a global perspective, MAX is a very small burger chain. Our goal is not to be the biggest. Instead, our ambition is to be the best for our guests and for the world. Not only by serving great burgers, but also by optimizing our profit and maximizing our sustainability performance.

We know that we’re part of the problem when it comes to achieving a sustainable world, just like the rest of society. So we work constantly to create new concrete solutions in four focus areas: Health, Fairness, Environment & Engagement.