Eating experience

We think that fast food, the MAX way, should be so much more than eating. Have your break of the day in an environment that makes you feel good. A moment to look forward to.

Eat, relax and have a nice break at MAX

One of MAX’s words of honor is quality. This is not only in respect to the food but also for everything from cleanliness in the parking lot to the restaurant’s interiors. Form and function are central to the design of the restaurants. The architects have chosen to work with genuine materials such as oak, stainless steal and granite floors.

Lots of daily luxury – for free

Visiting MAX is about taking a break from the daily stress, that is why our customers have the service of relaxing music, free WLAN and free news paper.*

So much more than eating

On the following pages you can see for yourself that quick service restaurant business – the MAX way – is about total experience. Did you know that MAX design has earned high rated reviews in numerous prominent design magazines? When you visit a MAX restaurant you can understand why, it is not an ordinary quick service restaurant environment but more the feeling of a designer hotel.

* Applies in Sweden