MAX started in Sweden already in 1968. It is not only the first burger restaurant chain in Sweden - it is also the most popular. The Bergfors family owns 100 percent of the company. The average turnover per restaurant is 2,2 million Euro. For 14 years in a row MAX has been chosen as the most popular burger chain in Sweden. The reason is quality and taste.

We aim for quality in everything we do. We never compromise on taste or quality. The best ingredients, carefully chosen and cooked with passion - that is the recipe for the best burger. Our products are made to order for the most exquisite taste.

We have been placed in the top 10 in the world for innovation in our business. We are in the forefront in keeping track of the latest trends, always aiming to be even better. We are still very much grounded in our tradition in making our burgers. We appreciate the value of a good taste in the mind as well as in the mouth. Today, it is not enough just to make the best burgers, we must also take responsibility for our products. Health, climate and social sustainability are really important to us. This approach has been recognized with publicity and rewards worldwide.

MAX has a well-established training academy in Stockholm and provides all necessary training tools for a franchise partner.

Our franchise partner must have a clear understanding of the mutual goals and commitments necessary for the success of a multi-unit food service business and be willing to allocate the necessary human and financial resources to successfully develop, manage and promote the business.

Unique Business Proposition

  • Swedish family owned company
  • Quality in every detail
  • Premium Burgers
  • Successful and proven concept
  • Healthy offering
  • Substantial environment profile and engagement
  • Sustainability, social and environmental, is a part of our DNA
  • Superior product development
  • Premium price level
  • Award winning - recognized as the best tasting burger in country after country
  • High average turnover per restaurant: 2,2 million Euro
  • One of the very few Premium burgers concepts in the World equipped and consistently capable of serving high quality products to an average of more than 1000 guests per day.

Investor Profile

We believe that you are a strong entrepreneurial market and operation-oriented company, involved in retailing or other service-related business. You have demonstrated successful ownership and management with financial and organizational power to take on entire or large parts of a market/country including running all restaurants under your own management. The bigger the country, the greater total investment. As a franchisee you are expected to take on all the investments including but not limited to land/location, construction, machinery and inventory.

However above all, our franchise partners must be passionate about developing MAX into the world's best hamburger chain.

International Licence Fee: Upon Application

Franchise brochure

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Application process

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