You are in the business for yourself – but not by yourself.

Are you our new MAX family member?

Our franchise partner must have a clear understanding of the mutual goals and commitments necessary for the success of a multi-unit food service business and be willing to allocate the necessary human and financial resources to successfully develop, manage and promote the business.

Full commitment

We believe that you are a strong entrepreneurial market and operation- oriented company, involved in retailing or other service-related business. You have demonstrated successful ownership and management with financial and organizational power to take on entire or large parts of a market/country including running all restaurants under your own management. The bigger the country, the greater total investment. As a franchisee you are expected to take on all the investments including but not limited to land/location, construction, machinery and inventory.

Passionate franchise partners

However above all, our franchise partners must be passionate about developing MAX into the world’s best hamburger chain. And we might as well say this here and now: it is hard work and it demands large financial investments.

Competitive position

A franchise partner would typically be granted development rights for a specific country or part of a country depending on the size of the country/ territory. As such a franchise partner would need to gain a dominant competitive position through the territory.
This ability is of key importance in the partner selection. Subsequently, the size of the territory granted may be adjusted to the capabilities of the organization.

Financial strengths

The franchise partner should have an unallocated cash flow adequate to finance the project development program, including the necessary banking relationship to obtain financing.