The development of our premium products is taking quick service restaurant business to a higher level – a MAX level.

Quality in every detail is MAX's signature. We are a premium brand where taste always comes first. We are very proud of the wide range of high quality products in our standard range, but we are also developing products which raise the bar even higher, where the ingredients may cost more and take the taste experience to new heights. Here are some examples of MAX premium products with a serious claim to a place in the best fine dining restaurants.

Grand Deluxe

When we decided to make the ultimate burger, Grand Deluxe, we thought it might be too expensive to the guests. The burger we had in mind would be on a grand scale, without stinting on the number of ingredients. We would make the burger we always dreamed of eating! The response from our guests was total acclaim, and the price was not a problem. The best is worth paying for, and GDL is firmly established as one of our most popular products. It offers a wide choice of variations.

Crispy Fries

Our Head Chef has spent a year developing probably the best french fries in the world. We think it’s more than that – not just new french fries, but a development of the product to a whole new level, turning it into something even better. We call it Crispy Fries, after its crispy sensation. The potato skin is deliberately retained on Crispy Fries, enhancing the taste and - with a touch of sea salt - producing a taste experience way out of the ordinary.

Premium Shake

As the name suggests, this is much more than your average milkshake. It is so tasty that many people make a special trip to Max just to enjoy this. With fresh strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream this shake tastes just like homemade, and it is available in a range of standard flavors, varying with the season.

Dip sauce

Thinking out of the box can be very tasty in our business. Thus, we introduced the idea of dip sauce long ago and this was a success from day one. We simply offered the sauce on our burgers in a separate cup for dipping french fries, carrots and other optional products. Today we offer a wide range of dips, something for every taste.