Lots of options

More burgers, more side orders, more drinks, more dip sauses, more choices of buns. MAX is about options!

Our meals, rich in taste and plentiful

You can choose any of your favourite hamburgers with one of four different buns and of course you can exchange your french fries for your choice of side order: green salad, potato a gratin, baby carrots, slices of apple or bean salad. And the best of all - you don’t pay any extra.

The best taste – for different tastes!

Our menu has an alternative for most tastes, which makes us attractive to many different guests. Our menu includes hamburgers, chicken, fish, vegetarian alternatives, french fries and several different side orders, desserts, drinks, pie and much more. We also have meals with low-fat products which the past year has brought us great success and the largest participants have followed us.