Healthier fastfood

Health trend is growing all over the world – and Max has the initiative!


Less fat, sugar and salt

Since 2002 Max is offering low-fat products while we simultaneously have reduced the amount of fat, sugar and salt in our ordinary selection. During the hamburger chains 40-year history we have never made such great changes in our product line.

No trans fat or GMO at Max

At Max, quality and natural fresh ingredients are the keys to excellent products. Controls and safety are paramount. We are also continuously striving to make our food healthier. That is why we do not have any Genetic Modified Organism (GMO), transfat, antibiotics or growth hormones in our food.


We were the first to change our menus, which resulted in a change for the entire QSR industry in Sweden. It did not take long before our competitors followed our lead.

Little fat but lots of taste

Our Delifresh product family includes food and drinks with little fat but lots of taste. Choose a green salad, mini carrots or slices of apple with your Delifresh meal and a diet soft drink, juice or water. Max also offers meals with low GI (Glycemic Index).

Fast food? Delifresh took 7 months to develop!

The development work for the Delifresh family took us 7 months and is still in progress.

Some of the changes we made when we launched Delifresh:

  • Chicken burgers with rye bread containing only 6% fat.
  • The introduction of a GI-bun.
  • The introduction of Low Carb.
  • The new line also includes a new low fat dressing (7.6%) and new low fat soft ice cream as a dessert choice.