Delifresh includes meals, drinks and desserts with little fat but an abundance of taste. Choose a green salad, mini carrots or slices of apple with your Delifresh meal and a light soft drink, juice or water and your meal is “keyhole” marked!

The Green Keyhole

The “Green keyhole” is the Swedish National Food Administration’s symbol for food that contains little fat and clearly lets the consumer know that the meal is low in fat. A “Green keyhole” marked meal contains a maximum of 17 grams of fat. The “keyhole” helps guests choose good food habits.

Fast food? - 7 months of development

The development work for the Delifresh family took us 7 months and is still in progress. Below are some of the changes we made when we launched Delifresh:

  • Chicken burgers with rye bread containing only 6% fat.
  • The introduction of a GI-bun.
  • The introduction of Low Carb.
  • The new line also includes a new low fat dressing (7.6%) and new low fat soft ice cream as a dessert choice.