The environmental choice – first quick service restaurant chain in the world to label and compensate for the food’s impact on the environment.

Part of the solution, not the problem

MAX has long strived to minimize the business’ effects on the environment. Today, the company is taking that further, showing the world how a quick service restaurant chain can step up to and begin to take responsibility for its effects on the environment.
“As a restaurant we are part of the problem but we want to be part of the solution. We want to be a role model for our industry. When we go public with how our meals affect the climate, our guests can help us to lower our joint impact”, says Richard Bergfors, President of MAX Hamburger.

From land to MAX burgers

To make a platform for the environmental work, we engaged experts to conduct an inventory of the company and the food’s total climate impact – from the farmers land to the finished hamburger. Currently, we are responsible for the emission of 29 000 tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e) each year.

Planting trees in Africa

Starting in May 2008, MAX has labeled all products with their individual climate impact – allowing and empowering our guests to take the climate impact in consideration when ordering. In 2013, MAX's carbon offset its total climate impact to 100% through planting more than 700 000 trees in Africa.
This initiative gives power to our customers as it allows them the opportunity to choose meals not only from taste or health but also from climate impact. And by carbon offsetting through tree plantation, we will constantly be reminded of the expenses of tree planting and thus continue to work towards zero climate impact.

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