MAX’s menu grows with new innovation- Launches plant-based burger, Delifresh Plant Beef

Stockholm 5/23/2019 1:23 PM (Updated 1/8/2020 2:24 PM)

On May 23rd, MAX Burgers is launching a self-developed burger that looks and tastes like meat, but is made from plant-based protein: Delifresh Plant Beef. It’s a unique Swedish innovation that has been developed under the leadership of head chef Jonas Mårtensson. The initiative is a big step forward in MAX’s work to reduce its climate impact – without backing down on taste and quality.

MAX’s goal is for 50 per cent of sold meals in 2022 to be comprised of something other than red meat, and to date, sales are close to 40 percent. Now the burger chain is stepping up both its menu and sustainability work, with the launch of Delifresh Plant Beef, a plant-based burger that is launching at all its restaurants in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

“I’ve tried all known products in this category worldwide, and MAX Delifresh Plant Beef is best in class. The protein of the future is on its way, and the front-runner is made by us here in Sweden. Our goal is for all the carnivores to feel like they can still have a really great hamburger’ without it actually being meat,” says Claes Petersson, Vice President/Chief Innovation & Development Officerat MAX burgers, who recently moved back to Sweden after 12 years in the US.

With Delifresh Plant Beef, MAX offers both die-hard carnivores, and guests who prefer a plant-based diet, a great-tasting and satisfying protein alternative to meat but with a much lower carbon footprint. Work to develop a “meat burger without meat” started to gain momentum three and a half years ago. 

“Work towards the goal of being able to offer our guests a plant-based meat substitute began in earnest when we launched the first part of the Green Family in January of 2016,” says Jonas Mårtensson, head chef at MAX Burgers. “We started the search for an option that would fit MAX’s menu, but quickly realized that none of the products we found could meet our tough requirements for really good taste. So we decided to develop our own plant-based burger for meat lovers. For me the proof of our success was when my meat-loving son couldn’t feel a difference.”

From May 23rd, you’ll be able to choose the Delifresh Plant Beef burger on all Grand Deluxe options, by simply replacing the beef burger. The campaign burger Spicy Avocado, which is making a comeback on the menu this summer, will also be available in four versions: Swedish beef, Swedish chicken, halloumi, and our new plant-based meat, Delifresh Plant Beef.

Delifresh Plant Beef is available as an alternative on all MAX Grand Deluxe burgers, as the guest can choose to switch the protein to the plant-based alternative. In addition, a separate signature burger with the Delifresh Plant Beef will also be launched.Delifresh Plant Beef is completely plant-based and contains texturized soy and wheat protein, and is developed and produced in Sweden.